A New Church Plant

A New Church Plant

What is a Church Plant explanation?

In short, a church plant means starting a new church. It is biblically and is one of the best ways to reach new people. These new people become a launch team.

What is and what does a launch team do?

A launch team are people who decide to help team up with others to start a new church. This team committed to the mission and vision of the church. Each person on the team uses there God given talent to help move the church from being a new church plant to a biblical, sustaining church.

Do you have what it takes to be on the team?

Almost anyone of any age can be on the team. If you can smile, wave, stand at a door, point in a direction , sing (or mix in with the crowd), play an instrument, have an eye for detail, sit in a chair or exist – You have what it takes to be on the team. If you want to grow in your faith or are exploring the faith you can be on the team – YES – skeptics are welcome.

Speak with someone about joining the team?

Text JOIN THE TEAM to 912-470-7530 or email us at info@riseup.church